Volunteer to Settle Mars

Who Are We?

We are students of the JianHua Experimental School. We are a English team. Our slogan(口号) is “King of Europe”

Value of This Volunteering :

1.Let more and more people in China know the mars immigration(火星移民)

2.Help China be the first country to live on mars.

Why Will We Do It?

If we don’t do it, China will  fall behind the world because this century(世纪) is the age of mars immigration(火星移民的时代). Moreover(而且), the  US is already had  Elon Musk and his SpaceX.

What  Will We Do?

We will publish some articles on this website. They’re about:

1. How to increase the thickness(厚度) of the atmosphere on mars?

2. What plants can probably survive(生存) on mars?

3. What probes(探测器) can detect( 探测)more exactly about the information of mars, like the atmosphere(大气层), the water, the climate(气候), the soil(土壤) and so on.

4.  What’s rockets can be lighter(更轻), cheaper(更便宜) and quicker?

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Question 1: Why must human beings study about how to get and live on mars?

Question 2: Why we can settle mars, not the other seven biggest planets?

Question 3: When probably will the first crowds(群) of human race live on mars?

Answers of The Questions

Answer 1: It’s because people want to do something to make human race a long-living species(物种), for that protecting(保护) the environment is great but not enough.

Answer 2: It’s because mars is the most similar(最像) to earth. The other planets are too cold, too hot, haven’t seen traces of water or can’t produce(产生) oxygen(氧气).

Answer 3: They will probably live on mars around 2025.

Finally, we hope those who are interested in this issue(问题)join “the king of Europe”!

Thank you !




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