NASA Ready to Study Heart of Mars(NASA准备去研究火星的内部)

NASA 将要走上研究火星内部的征程。

NASA安排于最早在5月5日用自己的Geodesy和InSight号(一个固定的着陆器)在火星表面上降落,将会成为第一个献身于探索火星深深的内部的任务。它也会成为自从阿波罗登月器后 NASA第一个将一个地震仪(一种测量地震的仪器)放在另外一个行星的土壤上的任务。


在某种 意义上,火星是外部行星的下一个门——一个附近的例子,展现出气体、尘埃和热如何混合、排列在一起,变成一个星球。仔细的观测火星内部的深处将让科学家们懂得它的地壳、覆盖物和地核与地球的是多么的不同。

NASA is about to go on a journey to study the interior of Mars.

Scheduled to launch as early as May 5, NASA’s Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport (InSight), a stationary lander, will be the first-ever mission dedicated to exploring Mars’ deep interior. It also will be the first NASA mission since the Apollo moon landings to place a seismometer, a device that measures quakes, on the soil of another planet.

InSight carries a suite of sensitive instruments to gather data and, unlike a rover mission, these instruments require a stationary lander from which they can carefully be placed on and below the Martian surface.

In a sense, Mars is the exoplanet next door – a nearby example of how gas, dust and heat combine and arrange themselves into a planet. Looking deep into Mars will let scientists understand how different its crust, mantle and core are from Earth.

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